Lodge of Living stones Lodge of Living Stones No 4957
in the Province of Yorkshire, West Riding

Any Master Mason, belonging to a Constitution recognised as "Regular" by the United Grand Lodge of England, is welcome to visit the Lodge of Living Stones. Once a visit has been made, the Lodge is pleased to receive a Brother Mason at future meetings; all we ask is that he should contact the Secretary to let the Lodge know that he wishes to come.

Associate Membership may be granted to a Master Mason who has usually visited the Lodge on several occasions. It would normally be offered only to those who are members of Lodges which meet outside the Province of Yorkshire West Riding and, therefore, have difficulty in attending the meetings of the Lodge of Living Stones on a regular basis.

Such a Brother must submit a short summary of his view of the Craft, its purpose, and its role in the modern world - a single sheet of A4 is acceptable. This will be considered by the Past Masters of the Lodge before any decision can be made.

The Lodge communicates with its Associate Members at least four times a year. An example of a recent letter to the Associate Members can be seen by clicking here.

The privileges of Associate Membership also include receiving copies of those papers delivered in the Lodge over the years, which have been accepted as "Lodge Papers". These papers are bound in several volumes and include many papers by W.L. Wilmshurst that are not available elsewhere. The volumes are released to Associate Members at intervals during their first years of Associate Membership but remain the property of the Lodge. They are lent to an Associate Member on the understanding that they must be returned to the Lodge in the event of the resignation or death of that Associate Member.

  1. Application for Associate Membership must be made personally, either by post or email, and the applicant's suitability and Masonic rank must be vouched for by one or more Members of the Lodge. Such application should be accompanied by a summary of the applicant's personal view of the Craft, its purpose, and its role in the modern world. (A single sheet of A4 is acceptable).
  2. Applicants must be subscribing Members of a regular Lodge constituted under the United Grand Lodge of England, or under a Constitution affiliated therewith or recognised thereby, and must furnish such references or evidence of their Masonic status as may be required. This is especially necessary in the case of overseas applicants who should obtain, and send with their application, one or more covering letters from official sources to vouch for their Masonic status.
  3. Associate Members will be elected by the Lodge or any committee thereof appointed for that purpose. An Associate Member cannot propose an applicant, but may recommend him by letter.
  4. An entrance fee of £30 will be payable, entitling the new Associate Member to receive the First Volume of the Selected Lodge Papers, which will disclose the general features of the Lodge's ideals and methods. An annual contribution of £20 is then payable on the 1st January of each year of Associate Membership, entitling him to receive a subsequent volume annually. (Currently there are four volumes of Selected Lodge Papers).
  5. Election implies that the Associate Member will continue his connection with the Lodge for a period of at least three years, after which it may be discontinued at the wish of the Associate Member. If he ceases to be a Member of the Craft elsewhere his Associate Membership with "Living Stones" will terminate automatically.
  6. Election also implies an undertaking by the Associate Member to co-operate regularly in thought, study and daily practice with the general ideals and observances of the Lodge, and that he will use his connection with it and his personal influence to advance Masonic knowledge on the lines of the Lodge among Brethren with whom he is in habitual contact.
  7. All Lodge Papers issued to an Associate Member shall be treated as Lodge property lent to him for his private instruction, and as returnable to the Lodge at call or on discontinuing his membership or at his death (he making provision for their privacy and for their return to the Lodge in the event of his death). On no account may Lodge Papers be circulated, reproduced or re-published, but reasonable latitude is allowed in showing them to a Brother in whose discretion the Associate Member can rely to preserve similar secrecy, or in reading the Papers or extracts from them to a Lodge by way of instruction or lectures; in which case it must be explained that the Papers emanate from, and are the property of, the Lodge of Living Stones.
  8. Associate Members are earnestly asked to keep in touch with the Lodge by periodical correspondence, say once a year, reporting their personal interest in the work of the Lodge and progress made in diffusing that interest in their district. This is especially desired in distant and overseas cases, so that the Lodge may form an idea of the influence its work is exerting and the personal benefit derived by Associate Members. The Lodge's Secretary for Associate Members, currently Bro Robert Lomas, writes a short paper for all the Associate Members four times a year. His "Letter to the Associate Members" is sent out with the Lodge Summons approximately two weeks before each of the formal Lodge meetings. An example of a recent "Letter to the Associate Members" can be seen by clicking here.
  9. Changes in the Associate Member's address must be notified at once to the Lodge Secretary (See the "Contact Us" page).
N.B. To prevent misconception or disappointment it must be clearly understood that the privilege of Associate Membership should not be regarded merely as a means of securing the Lodge's literature; it implies rather that, by means of that literature, those who avail themselves of it will sincerely and intimately associate themselves in thought and practice with the Lodge and its intentions.
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