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Founders In a letter, dated July 1923, W.L. Wilmshurst had written:

'I cannot…point to any lodge under our constitution where the esoteric side of Masonry receives prominence. The conditions under which Masonry is at present conducted and the virtually indiscriminate admission of new members make it almost impossible for a lodge to be carried on upon ideal lines.'

He resolved to do something about this and laid the groundwork in his presidential address to the Huddersfield and District Installed Masters Association in November 1924 when he suggested that brethren who shared his ideal might meet: 'with the intention of conforming to it, and here and there even a small new lodge might be formed for that special purpose.

Three years later, on 16th December 1927, The Lodge of Living Stones was consecrated in Leeds. Wilmshurst was installed as the first Master and outlined the purpose and aims of the lodge:
'This lodge has been formed to meet a demand that nowadays is increasingly heard in the Craft for a fuller understanding and realisation of the latent teachings of our Order than usually obtains. It is our design to try to meet the need of a growing minority of brethren who are not content with the routine formalities and social amenities of their lodges, but feel that the Craft was intended to mean more than this and who are eager to learn what that "more" is.'
The Lodge has initiated very few Candidates in its ninety years but still meets regularly and frequently to promote the deeper interpretation of the Craft ceremonies.

We meet formally, four times a year - in December, March, June and September - and informally every other month except August
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