Lodge of Living stones Lodge of Living Stones No 4957
in the Province of Yorkshire, West Riding
The Lodge was formed in 1927, by W.L. Wilmshurst with the specific purpose of promoting a deeper understanding of the teachings of Craft Freemasonry, including the Royal Arch.

The Marquess of Northampton, when he was Pro Grand Master, emphasised the esoteric teachings of Freemasonry in his address to the Cornerstone Society which was published in MQ (2005) No. 15, pp. 41-45. This approach to the interpretation of Freemasonry was also championed in Freemasonry Today, by Michael Baigent, when he was its Editor. The first seven Orations, again written by Michael Baigent for delivery in Lodges by Provincial Orators, also dealt with the deeper aspects of the Craft. When Kai Hughes was the Grand Orator he followed the same approach, but the United Grand Lodge of England has not appointed a Grand Orator for the last two years.

English Freemasonry today is at a turning point. Now is the time when the Craft is most in need of a deeper appreciation of its latent teachings. The Lodge, therefore, maintains this website to introduce itself and to promote its message to English Craft Masonry.
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